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Safier sidewalk
photo by Cary Stemle of LEO

Hummin' for Hummos

One of my favorite foods is hummos, the Middle Eastern puree of chickpeas and various flavorings and spices. Served with pita bread, it is usually consumed at the start of a Middle Eastern meal. Much like Mama's chicken soup, hummos is common to many cultures from Iran to Bosnia, and there's a range of variations from subtle to stout.

The hummos at Safier Mediterranean Deli is light and creamy with subtle garlic and lemon flavors, served with olive oil, paprika and pickled vegetables. And, of course, pita bread. A small place with about a half-dozen tables, Safier dishes up a fairly extensive menu of appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches and main dishes. The hummos is served spread on a small disposable plate with olive oil drizzled on top, sprinkled with paprika and a few pickled vegetables on the side. The hummos is light in color and very creamy, with subtle garlic and lemon flavors. Served with very thin, quartered pita and extra olive oil on the table, it is so rich I often take home some for dessert.

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